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  Choose from a variety of MS Word document templates for your daily client, supplier and internal communication needs.

MS Word Generic Templates


The template designs allows each office/department to customise the templates to their requirements. These templates can be used for general use.

Please note that printed letterheads should be available in all offices and used for external communication. Example; employee contracts, official company letters etc.

Letterhead - click here
Please update your office address and on official documents always include your
business entity.
Fax - click here
Please update your office address.
Meeting minutes - click here
Blank letter - click here
Guidelines and office templates (including letterhead, business
cards and comp slips) can be found under office stationery.



MS Word Template with image header

These templates have a branded top banner with 2 pages of document formatting guidelines available.

US Letter Templates - click here


MS Word Templates with image front cover library

These templates have an image as the front cover page and 2 pages of document formatting guidelines.

click here to view MS Word templates with various front covers.



MS Word Event Name Badges Template

This template can be edited to suit the meeting or event requirement. This template is fully editable for attendees full name and position and includes the Travel Bound design and logo.


Event name badges - click here


MS Word Recognition Certificate Template


This template can be used for agent or supplier recognition for the FIT business unit.

Recognition certificate - click here