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  You’re curious.

You want to find out more about the TravelBound brand, and what it actually means in real life – out there, in conversation with our retail partners, on websites, on posters, on mobile apps, or in print.

What colours and fonts can you use? When and where can you use the logo? And you want to know what it sounds like too – how it makes its voice heard over the noise of the crowd.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.
The full guidelines are still being written, however, the below should help you should help while we finish up.
  Our name
  You may have noticed that TravelBound is written as one word. This is to mirror our brand logo and be consistent with our sister brand TravelCube.

Do's and Don'ts
Capital T and B
All one word. No spacing.

Not Travelbound
Not travelbound
  Tone of voice
  Think of our refreshed TravelBound brand as a person. In fact, think of it as you, and your voice. TravelBound's tone of voice is how its personality comes across, so it’s really important that it’s consistent, whether you’re part of our sales team or part of our IT team.

Here are a few quick tips on what we are, and what we aren’t. TravelBound is...

To the point. Use short, snappy sentences. Keep it simple and steer clear of the management speak.

Authoritative and confident. We’re never patronising – we’re always experts talking to other experts.

Friendly, but not over-familiar. We build relationships, and we even make friends with the people we deal with at work. Just keep the tone professional.

Upbeat and conversational. TravelBound sounds like you. But remember it’s the way you talk to the people you work with everyday – not with your friends outside of the business.
  New TB brand colours

TravelBound orange
CMYK C0, M72, Y100, K0
RGB R243, G108, B33
HEX (web usage)


Pantone 1665
TravelBound charcoal
CMYK C0, M0, Y0, K80
RGB R88, G89, B91
HEX (web usage) 58595B
Pantone 425
  Primary Fonts
  Whenever you’re producing any marketing communications, use our primary font – Interface. It’s clean and modern, and we love it so much we’ve used it in our logo too. Remember to set kerning to Optical with a letter spacing of -10 (minus 10).

For general everyday use, pleasde use Calibri Light which is a standard Microsoft font.
  InterfaceLight: Please contact the Marketing team, who would need to buy a license for you.
  Microsoft font: For ease of use, we recommend using Calibri Light in Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.